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Hard Dot To Dots Coloring Page

Hard Dot To Dots Coloring Page

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JATT: nice dot to dot 1 year ago

CHERRY: my kids loved it! they asked me to print many more!!! 11 months ago

Kimi: I love this, thank you!!! 10 months ago

Karenbrown15: thank you >9 months ago

LOLER: I LOVED IT!!!!!!! 9 months ago

Joshua: Great!!! 8 months ago

Andrew: i really like this... 8 months ago

Clumsey: whats the pic 8 months ago

Sophia: this lokcs hard.... 7 months ago

Sophia: im going to printed...... 7 months ago

PHUNGR: i scratched my bum in the middle of this and lost my place. 1/10 will not continue 7 months ago

Logan: What is it? 6 months ago

Siya: i loved it 5 months ago

Asdftyuiop[poiuy: its too small 5 months ago

Kaydence: beatiful 5 months ago

Kaydence: i love it so bad 5 months ago

What Is It?: what is it? 5 months ago

David: I got eye strain trying to read the printed version and I had to go to the doctor. 3/10 would not recommend. 5 months ago

David: l love damarar 4 months ago

Valeire: How many numbers are in this dot to dot 4 months ago

Me : is it like 600 some 4 months ago

Harald: not clear enough to read exact numbers 3 months ago

Stephanie: This is a really fun dot to dot! the numbers are hard to make out when printed, but I kept the web page open to zoom in when I got stuck and I could read the numbers just fine there. 3 months ago

Gabby: i hope this is a good one 3 months ago

Poop[gabby]: ;] 3 months ago

No Name: It looks so funnnnnnn. But i can't find number 2...and what is the picture suppose to be? I can't wait so long to know the answer. 3 months ago

Stop: why does it say christmas traditions at the bottom, but some of these comments are from nine months ago? 3 months ago

IHaveaPetHedgehog: When I printed it, I couldn't make out the numbers. 1/2 star out of 5 stars. : ( 3 months ago

IHaveaPetHedgehog: Hope you enjoyed it though. 3 months ago

Toot: sucks 3 months ago

Rtgegfv: what is it 2 months ago

Oregonduckfan: I agree with other commenters, too light to really read. I gave up around - I can't really read the number but think its 126. :( 2/5 stars 2 months ago

Do: Dont now a thang 2 months ago

Hope: im pretty sure it will be impossible to find number 1 1 month ago

Deez Nuts: I can't even print it 2 weeks ago

Dylan: It was cool 1 week ago

Loserman: i like it 1 week ago

SHRIMPI: Stephanie: is really smart, I am 11, so I can read it, but if you cant. just keep this open 1 week ago

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